Sexism In Movies And TV Shows

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Girls grow up thinking that the sexism they see in movies and television shows are right. They don’t question why the girl isn 't fighting. Or maybe she is fighting, but they don 't ask why they have heels on, why their suit is tight. One of my favourite movies is "Ghostbusters: Answer the Call", which was made in 2016. One of the reasons is because the ghostbusters themselves (they are all female) wear baggy jumpsuits when they fight, they 're smart, and they aren 't models. Their secretary is a super attractive but dumb blond, but it 's a guy instead. Not only that, they don’t make the fact that it supports women the base of the show, its just something that happens. When I saw it I was so exited because it showed women being the smart ones. It still had sexism, but it was towards both genders. It blew my mind, because I 'd never really seen anything like it. Then I went and ended up seeing online reviews. They were all horrible, people were saying how it was "man hating", and "extremely sexist". It used sexism as humour, but took shots at both genders. People didn’t see the sexism towards the women though, because that was just another part life now. Why are our opinions so swayed toward men? Sexism towards women is getting better, but it 's still a problem. Men rule the world, probably because they are more likely to take risks. Girls are taught they need to be perfect, that they need to meet their expectations exactly. If they don’t, they are told so. But because
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