Sexism In Sports Essay

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Sexism in sport

The definition of sexism in sport is:prejudice or discrimination based on sex-especially discrimination against women.The keywords in this are discrimination,prejudice and women.Unfortunately in society it is a common held belief that women are ‘delicate’ or too ‘fragile’ for sport and that they should do more ‘ladylike’ activities This essay will talk about how women are earning a smaller salary than men despite playing to a higher standard,how women are being forced to wear revealing and provocative clothes for the enjoyment of men and how there are not enough opportunities for excelling women in sport.

Women have always been underfunded and underprivileged in sport.Clubs and sporting companies have always neglected to
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Women in sport is ,Unfortunately, not a very popular idea among the wider community.Women playing sport on tv is a very low key affair with unpopular time slots and underfunded graphics.On your average night( from 6pm to 12pm) there are almost no women 's sport on the basic channels whereas there are 2 to 5 programs of men 's sport on a normal night.

Women have been exploited by have little to no funding,using women in provocative was to generate more money and by giving women 's sport hardly any screen time.The type of discrimination this women are receiving is called sexism and it is important that that society and the wider sporting community uses ways such as promoting women 's sport in the community, encouraging girls to do sport at school and to fund struggling women 's sporting

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