Sexism In The Color Purple

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Everyone knows it’s harder being a female rather than to be a male. Although many women have fought for equal rights, women are still looked down upon. In the movie, The Color Purple, directed by Steven Spielberg we see just how Celie struggles to find her voice because of the abuse and bullying she experiences from men. In my opinion, sexism is the main theme in The Color Purple. The Color Purple is centered around Celie’s life as a child and as an adult. Throughout the movie we see how Celie is constantly being overpowered by every man in her life. Her Pa, has raped her multiply times and has fathered two children with her, whom he takes away from her and sales. Since her Pa holds so much authority over her he makes her marry an older man…show more content…
Being a middle school teacher, I know there will be many students struggling with these issues from other students and from people at home. I may not be able to change home situations, but I can change things that happen at school. Like Celie, there will be students going through similar situations. Some may not have a voice because of the bullying they experience from other students of the same gender or different gender. The cause for bully can be triggered because of many different reasons, some reasons are because of race, gender, socioeconomic status, religion, or ethnicity, or just because they have found an easy target. Celie was bullied by Albert, because she was a woman. His bullying made her feel worthless, ugly, and unloved. I believe bullying makes many students feel worthless as well, and it also makes them feel as outcasts, and not liked. Some of those students turns to suicide, because they believe life would be better. On the other hand, other students may have a difficult time being happy, because there is someone in the life not approving of their choices or making their choices for them. This affects a child’s ability to figure out who they are because they are stuck in thinking that there are some things they can’t
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