Sexism In The Truman Show

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The Truman Show is a comedy – drama film about the life of Truman Burbank, who 's unconscious of being in a reality TV program for the entire of his life. This film is directed by Peter Weir and released in 1998. In this ongoing narrative, each snippet of Truman 's presence is caught by disguised cams and broadcast to a worldwide group of onlookers. Everyone in the movie is a performing artist, including Truman’s friends and family. Working at an insurance agency, Truman is married to a beautiful lady, Meryl, played by Laura Linney, and they live in the friendly community of Seahaven, an island "heaven" where the climate is constantly gentle. Presently, at age 30, he still doesn 't know he 's a detainee on a gigantic domed city-size…show more content…
As a woman, Meryl is suitable to advertise beverage (Mococoa) and kitchen appliance (The Chef’s Pal). Most men like to drink alcohol, and Marlon, as a man, is suitable to advertise beer. Uses of stereotypes and sexism in advertisements have become bolder to try to sell a product. Women are all the more frequently introduced in ads, because they are seen as in charge of making commonplace buys. Men for the most part advertise alcohol, vehicles, cigarettes, or business products. Advertisements are one of the strongest tools used to create or shape people 's opinions. Due to Truman 's no-off cam life, there is product placement promoting made by actors throughout his life. As often as possible all through the film, the characters advertise items by demonstrating the labels and brands of the items. Even though the product placement in the Truman Show is clearly not as smooth as typical product placement, it demonstrates the importance of product placement in form of promoting. Product placement is often used as a part of movies to promote certain brands or items. When a character is drinking a beer, it leaves an enduring impact on the audience. Audiences could be influenced when they watch their most-liked movies and notice the product placement in movies. Furthermore, the activity on somebody on screen drinking a beer can unknowingly lead the viewer to crave a beer – one of the main aims of

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