Sexism In The World Essay

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Why is it that we as a community believe that women can not do the same thing as men? There are so many people out in the world today that want to do something big, but stop themselves because they do not think they can. They think that way because of what society has taught them to believe. Society is constantly eating at everyone 's confidence and it is very hard to overcome it, especially if you want to go into something that we usually see men doing. The sexism in the world has gotten better, but even today female scientists are always left out of things. And according to an article written by Jane J. Lee from National Geographic, Female scientists have even "been written out of text books." Also, the world is still telling women that they…show more content…
At first, women were not able to vote for a president, and were told that the one job they could do was to stay home, clean, make dinner, and have children. Although there was a lot of sexism before this time, this was one of the worst things that have happened regarding sexism. There used to be no female doctors, no female bankers, no female anything. Today, women can vote, they can become a doctor, and they can become a banker. We have come a long way as a society, as women can become anything that they would like to be, but that does not mean that there isn 't work still to be done. Things still can come as a shock to others. For example, we hardly ever hear of a female pilot. The majority of pilots are male because that is just what is common. Today, when a women says they work for an airline, we automatically think it means that they work in customer service or that they are a flight attendant. Scientists today are still prodominately male, that we hear of at least. According to Jane J. Lee, women have "been written out of textbooks" and have "seen credit for significant discoveries they 've made assigned to male collegues." Why would they do this? Women and men can study and learn just as well as eachother, and they can perform just as well, so why would it matter if they are male or
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