Sexism In Trifles

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It is not uncommon for small events to have a huge impact. Events that may seem trivial to some, may have huge consequences for others. Many times these little happenings seem so unimportant because they go unnoticed until the last, tiny incident sets off the explosion that has been building with each occasion. In her drama Trifles, Susan Glaspell tells the story of the aftermath of a murder which was brought on by constant “trifles” that pushed one woman over the edge. First performed in 1916, Trifles explores how women’s lives were affected by the atmosphere of the timeframe of the drama. One major way that Glaspell shows how women’s lives were affected during the timeframe of this piece is by setting up an atmosphere of the sexism that shaped the culture of the time. During this time, a woman’s proper place was in a home, cooking and cleaning. This idea is exemplified in the text, as the County Attorney says, “…Dirty towel! …Not much…show more content…
Wright’s treatment as a woman and her isolation bring her point the point of depression; her marriage only makes her grow continually gloomier, to the point where she was in such a deep melancholy that nothing could pull her out. During the time period in which Trifles was written, mental illness was not seen the same way as it is today. In that time, there was no medication for depression, and people with psychological disorders were just written off as crazy. Despite this, Glaspell showcases Mrs. Wright’s mental issues in Trifles by showcasing what she was like before her marriage caused her to become depressed:
“Susan Glaspell’s Trifles concerns a woman who was once young, pretty, and outgoing until she found herself in a loveless marriage with a stern, anti-social farmer… She tried to fend off her depression with bits of gaiety—brightly colored quilting and a caged songbird—but when her husband, in a sudden act of aggression, broke the cage and killed the bird and its singing, she was driven over the edge.” (Glenn
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