Social Determinants Of Sexism Essay

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Women has encountered sexism on a daily basis since history books could even record them. Countless times throughout time, women faced through struggles of unfair treatment, discrimination, and oppression due to the basis of their gender. From a piece written by Carol Tavris, it is mentioned that when men have problems of their own, society often blames it on his personality or the environment he is in. However, when women have problems, society blames it on her mental state or psyche. The explanations we make of females with men are so different because of how prominent sexism is in this society. However, one of the biggest struggles faced by women would be the inequities in the social determinants of women’s health. In “Applying Intersectionality & Complexity Theory to Address the Social Determinants of…show more content…
Instead of focusing on the fact that women struggle through the issue of sexism, the approach will help understand that there are other social factors intertwined with being a woman, such as racism, ageism, and much more. For example, being acknowledged as Black woman is different when you characterize the words separately. It becomes harder because being Black and also a woman contains two factors that is socially known and accepted to be as negative. However, despite the fact that being a Black woman has a negative connotation to it, the multiple factors can be fused to create an understanding of the inequities in the Social Determinant of Women Health. When you combine the experiences of every woman, it becomes easier to understand the health inequalities when the interaction between each social location is compared. Once it becomes coherent and simple to understand as to why there are inequities in women’s health, it helps researchers and health institutions to find solutions to end the inequities in women’s
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