Tv Show Sexism Analysis

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Sexism, racism, and culturalism have been a huge problem for many years. So why is it any different in television shows? This essay will debate why each one happens behind the scenes and tie it to a television show, that exhibits each point. The first paragraph will state which show was chosen to exhibit the three main points and discuss why. Paragraphs two, three, and four will discuss the problems with sexism. Paragraphs five and sex will discuss the problems with racism. Paragraphs seven and eight will discuss the problems with culturalism. Finally, the last paragraph will be a conclusion summarizing everything that was said before.
The television show picked to exhibit the three-main arguments was Modern Family. The reason why this show
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Ever since 2014, more female producers and directors are controlling the Oscar race and each year could be a new record. According to Nicole Sperling, author of the journal article “Successful Female Directors Are Still a Rarity in Hollywood, But in Recent Years a New Generation of female Producers Have Dominated the Oscar Race, and This Year Could Set a Record. How Did That Happen, and Why Can’t the Rest of the Industry Get its Act Together?,” states “the large number of successful female producers working on Hollywood’s most important films today belies some pretty depressing statics. According to a 2012 study conducted by the Los Angeles Times, women make up only 18 percent of the producer’s branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.” For instance, the current president of Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy, is one of the women who saw her shot and took it. Now, she is designing one of the most magnificent filmographies in the business. Another example is at least one woman is credited as best producer for sixty-five best picture nominees, since 1973. The examples provided, tell how women have come a long way, but are still not getting everything, they deserve. Sexism might be a problem in the film industry, but it is not the only

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