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Earlier this month, a “sexting ring” at Canon City High School in Colorado was uncovered by school authorities. Involved were minors and legal adults, who had scandalist pictures and images of naked minors. This has brought upon the question of, “How do you prosecute and punish those involved in these acts?” Those responsible for these acts must take the punishment which they are served when the time comes. The judge is gathering the information and having the ones involved questioned. He is debating between the prosecution of sex offender or just a misdemeanor. These acts are not lawful and will need to be taken care of immediately and in the right manor. This has also prompted a new conversation about adolescents, sex, and technology. The people that participated in the “sexting ring” uncovered at Canon City High School should be prosecuted no matter the age and…show more content…
The football team of the high school appeared “to have been ground zero for the scandal.” This resulted in a forfeit of their Friday game and a parental meeting to address these shocking events. These parents talked about the problems that are being exploited to the public and the lies that are being told. It is said that the children will be prosecuted with misdemeanors and the adults could be getting sexual offender charges depending on the photos they have acquired. With that being said, over 100 students could end up with misdemeanors because of their actions. Law enforcement does not know if this is a good prosecution because most of the student involved sent pictures of themselves. “District attorney Thom LeDoux said he doesn’t intend to arrest hundreds of children and will “use discretion” if criminal charges are filed, the paper reports.” The right prosecution could be that the kids get misdemeanors and the adults would be charged with child pornography and sexual allegations with a

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