The Wounded Heart Book Report

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The Wounded Heart The book The Wounded Heart is a book written for the purpose of offering hope for adult victims of childhood sexual abuse. The book examines the reality there are so many victims of sexual abuse who are now adults, and are still suffering the consequences of the abuse they encounter as child, and how these sexual abuse have not only destroy their trust in people, but it has damage their current relationships, how it has impacted their dreams for the future, it has caused people to suffer from anxiety, depression, stress, anger, how it has made them feel with a sense of guilt and shame, even though it was not their fault. This book takes a look at the issues related to sexual abuse, while also looking for God for peace and …show more content…

For this student, I think this definition is limited, it says between a child/adolescent and an adult, this student believes that sexual abuse can occur also between adults or between child/adolescents. A person 's age should not define if is sexual abuse or …show more content…

For instance, for this student, before reading this book, I would categorize this different types of abuse differently, from more severe to less severe, and perhaps giving less importance to those I viewed as less severe. But it is important to understand that for each of these victims, each abuse was very serious, very severe, and they should be treated equally. This book is also a great source of understanding for those who were perpetrators of abuse, especially against children, it will help them to understand the consequences of their actions, and how perhaps once act, have completely changed the life of a child. This book is also important to parents and those who work with children, when we, as adults understands the risks that children, adolescents and any person who is not able to protect themselves are facing, we hopefully can be more vigilant of children, women and any possible

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