Sexual Abuse In Women's Correctional Facililites

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"Don 't drop the soap!" is a common phrase that most individuals tend to joke about when someone ends up dropping something. The expression originate from prison stories where a male inmate while in the shower drops the soap and in his attempt to retrieve it is usually taken advantage of by another inmate. But what most don 't understand is that this isn 't a funny matter, sexual abuse actually happens in prison, and the thing that most shocking is that this doesn’t just happen in male correctional facililites, but women 's as well. In women 's correctional facilities sexual abuse is at an all time high and it isn 't just happening to the inmates, but visiting woman as well. We need to understand the day to day struggles these woman tend to go…show more content…
To resolve these issues certain measures need to be taken. In order to stop the abuse between inmates and guards there need to be more type of security when giving a guard its job. To become a guard you usually just need just need to have a high school diploma and go through the training course. But our government need to do a full background check when looking into hiring someone to be a guard. In the background check they need to check mental stability, prior criminal history, and overall personal information about the individual. In some instances there are guards who feel like they have the power diven and let all that suppose "power" go to their head, and they feel as if they could do anything and everything without no repercussions happening to them. In an experiment conducted by Philip G. Zimbardo and a team of researchers called the Stanford Prison Experiment using college student they randomly selected those who were the guards and those who were the prisoners. During the experiment the guards took to a progressively sadistic personality especially at night when the cameras were turned off. As the experiment got more and more out of hand it led to a riot broke out within two days of the experiment. But after six days of a twelve day long experiment, it was shut down in fear that the prisoners could be severely hurt. So in the end we need to make sure who these individuals are before giving them the job without knowing how they would react in this sort of environment. Without it could lead abuse in the correctional facitlity (How Zimbardo 's Prison Experiment,2016). Another thing that could help resolve this issue is more of a security system. The more cameras the better! With the cameras someone of a trustworthy background to be in charge of them will be able to see if anything inapporpiate is going on and is willing to

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