Aggression In Military

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Sexual aggression/violence is a topic that isn’t discussed enough considering the risk factors at hand when joining the military and/or being in a war zone. My six articles directly relate to my question including topics that range anywhere from civilians in the East Congo being affected by war to domestic violence among individuals who are either veterans or are active duty personnel. Is sexual aggression/violence more prevalent in military personnel than the average population in the region? This is the most important question I have regarding military individuals because this topic isn’t discussed enough or elaborated when enrolling for many reasons. Another point to take under consideration is how military/war dynamics differ
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Ever since the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy was brought to light to the general public, sexual orientation has become more of a controversial topic; in this decade at least. When we begin to understand the multiple- dimensions on different types of people and their sexual orientation, we can then come to a more accurate conclusion and better understand our topic on sexual aggression in the military.

This particular article studies a multifactorial model of wartime rape. The article directly relates to my question because women have always been a big casualty in war. One of the biggest casualties of war zones are women being sexually abused/raped. There have been accounts of rape within many wars if not most of them such as Bosnia-Hersogovina,
Afghanistan/Iraq war, etc. Updated articles/media has paid very little attention to the psychology of the offender; thus, the issue of wartime rape has remained mysterious. This academic paper
SEXUAL VIOLENCE AND MILITARY 3 explains an in-depth analysis of why soldiers rape in wartime. The psychological
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The individuals who investigated this study looked at the frequencies. Causes, and circumstances surrounding sexual violence among the military personnel and searched for common characteristics displayed. A high frequency of physical sexual violence and a high level of repetition was found. 81.7% of the perpetrators had also been victimized at one point. The soldiers minimized sexual violence and preferred not to address any implications of the matter at hand if possible and criticized or ignored the victims and did not trust the reporting procedures.
The investigators found that sexual violence was a tool in the military to control hierarchy positions and masculinities. The authors concluded that masculinity is a common feature among militaries in general and hypothesized that it might be a common feature across cultures and nations. The authors defined sexual violence as, “A forceful sexual act, committed against the consent of an individual, including verbal, physical, and psychological violence.” (Korean
Sexual Violence Relief Center [KSVRC], 2003 The results of the survey administered concluded that 671 respondents who participated, 103 people answered that they were directly
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