Sexual And Gender Equality In Society

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Feminism is a range of ideas and approaches that seek to create sexual and gender equality for women. Nowadays, women can access and utilize the same resources as men. Presently, there’s no doubt that each institution of society provides similar opportunities to both males and females. The political institution for instance is very important and essential for maintaining structure and discipline in our country, plus in this sector of society, both genders have equal say; at least when it comes to voting rights. Nevertheless, when we view the amount of women who actually gets voted for, we can see that they aren’t as many and keeping it that way would be a good idea. Despite feminism campaigns to achieve overall equality in society, women are not essential for political leadership. Besides, even though a few fortunate women currently maintain some form of political supremacy today, they still aren’t as effective and skilled compared to men.…show more content…
Any woman can debate on how they can do anything a man can do (work, participate in sports, be leaders) yet whether male or female, it’s difficult to defy that men do things better, faster and more impressive. Like men, women can also become political leaders but if you would take a look around and notice how many women make an attempt to become one, you will realize that the numbers are quite small. That is because, power or power-seeking is central to the way masculinity is socially constructed (Ekimito, 1970). In other words, when we think about politics, we view it as an institution that requires a man’s
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