Sexual Assault Among College Students Essay

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One predictor of sexual assault among college students is alcohol use by victims. I definitely agree with this predictor. I think there is a lot of pressure put on college students to go out and get really drunk with all of your friends. Drinking can turn into a competition which can lead to heavily intoxicated men and women. When a person is heavily intoxicated, they have no idea what is going on around them. They are not fully aware of their surrounding and they are very vulnerable. It is not uncommon for people to pass out if they are heavily intoxicated and this is the perfect opportunity for somebody else to sexually assault that intoxicated person. The sexual assaulter just assumes that they can do whatever they want to the victim since the victim cannot say yes or no to any actions because they are…show more content…
A woman may experience post-traumatic stress disorder because maybe she was sexually assaulted in the past. She may have it in her mind now that it is okay to sexuallay assault a person, because the same thing happened to her. Post-traumatic stress disorder takes over the brain and can cause a person to do things that they normally would not do. I think this is why some women sexually assault their male partners. Not because they purposely want to, but because their brain is telling them to do it. A third trait of female perpetrators of sexual assault is the use of alcohol and drugs. Alcohol and drugs really has an effect on a person’s mind which causes them to do things that they normally would not do if they did not do the drugs and alcohol. If a person is drunk, a lot of times they do actions that are inappropriate or actions that a normal person would not do. Sexual assault could very well be one of these actions. Some people get very angry and tense when they are drunk and this could cause a woman to physically abuse her male

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