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Does anyone know what is sexual violence? According to wikipedia sexual violence is any sexual act to obtain a sexual act by violence, acts to traffic a person or acts directed against a person 's sexuality, regardless of the relationship to the victim. It occurs in times of peace and armed conflict situations, is widespread and is considered to be one of the most traumatic, pervasive, and most common human rights violations.* -------> *read directly from card* From what I researched, sexual violence is a serious health problem and an aggressive act that aims to express power and dominance over the victim through sexual harassment. Sexual assault and sexual abuse are two common types of sexual violence. Sexual assault is a sexual act that could be committed by anyone no matter what kind of relationship they have with the victim. Sexual abuse is an undesired sexual behaviour that was forced upon a person; sexual abuse can be possible to happen for any gender and at any age.

So, in case you don’t know sexual assault can be a touch on somewhere you don’t want anyone to touch For example, your thigh, neck...Just
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People don’t have enough knowledge to know that no one should have the right to sexually harass anyone. Even though one person have been educated to never sexually abuse anyone, they still don’t stop and think about all the consequences they will have and the self-blame, depression the victim will have to bear on their shoulders. There are 3 steps to stop sexual violence upon one another, 1. Think before committing an act of sexual violence, put an end to sexual assault and sexual abuse. 2. Speak up when you see an act of sexual violence. 3. Spread the word and join campaigns that stops sexual violence. We could only stop sexual violence by coming together to raise awareness and to prevent sexaul violence from

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