Sexual Assault Awareness Event

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Information presented? What did you want the community to “take away” from the event? The sexual assault awareness event was an incredible experience. We were able to engage in our communities in which we live by going to places of business and other community organizations these locations allowed us to display flyers to advertise our event. This an excellent way to give details about the event, encourage people to attend and raise awareness about myths and facts about sexual assault. Also, to give people resources on where they can go if they have been sexually assaulted or know of somebody being victimized. After deciding on our target population, Kem mentioned raising funds for the Forensic Department at the Family Resource Center.…show more content…
One of those key players was Grady Sue Hurley, owner and MMA instructor at Ultimate Fitness. He allowed us to use his facility to host our event, as well as volunteered his time to teach a free self-defense class, which took place at 3:00 p.m. He even entered a gym bag, with boxing gear, a tank top, and a month free membership for boxing in the silent auction. Another key actor was Marie Frison, from the Family Resource Center. Marie came out at 1:30 p.m. that day to share with those in attendance information on sexual assault. She even answered questions and was able to reach out to one of the individuals in attendance and provide them with needed resources. There were more children and teenagers present at the time of Marie 's presentation, so she tailored her speech in accordance to those in attendance, which were mostly adolescents. Marie supplied us with educational material (pamphlets) to hand out at the event. The SAFE woman’s domestic violence shelter provided brochures as well. Several individuals and businesses helped to make our event a success. In Tupelo; where Scarlet’s doughnuts, Cosmoprof, Holiday Inn Express, Bungalow, State Beauty Supply, Cash Savers, Todd 's Big Star, WTVA, and Daily Journal. In Pontotoc, the individuals who either help with the bake sale were Virginia Bean, Tiffany Britt, myself, and a money donation from Jan Rowan. Crystal Wood donated two wooden plaques. Jody Goodwin helped to build…show more content…
The people who attended at 1:30 p.m. to hear Marie Frison speak was able to engage more by listening, asking questions, and getting feedback. This experience gave the opportunity for one person to share their life experience, which made us realize we know we helped at least one person find help. The self-defense class helped those who attended to give them the opportunity to learn how not to be the victim and how to get away from the perpetrator. Grady provided us with some valuable techniques that could save us from a sexual assault attack. He even went around personally to each person making sure that they were able to perform the techniques. Grady reminded those who came to the self-defense class to go home and continue to practice the techniques demonstrated. He said the more that you practice the moves, the more instinctual they become.
Did the group accomplish its measurable goal with the
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