Sexual Assault Consent

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Sexual Assault and Consent Reflection The sexual assault and consent article and speakers were both very detailed and did a good job in bringing full attention to the issue. This can be a sensitive and even uncomfortable subject for some, but I think it is something that needs to be brought to everyone’s awareness. Even though most people can say that they have not been personally affected by sexual assault, it is still always good to be informed about it and be made aware of the facts that prove why sexual assault can have many devastating and long lasting effects. And these effects are not just on the victim alone, but the friends and family that surround the victim as well. I think that covering this topic in our FYE class is very important.…show more content…
It seemed to put the blame on athletes, specifically college football players. Which I found to be slightly offensive, considering I personally know a few college football players who are automatically thrown into that stereotype just because of their title, “college football player.” When reading, I tried my best to keep an open mind because I know that the author wasn’t trying to offend anyone, but rather raise awareness to this issue. The author supported their claim with lots of facts, some of which I found very interesting. One in particular was that over half of rapes are done by the guy who the woman was dating at the time the assault occurred. Another fact I thought was fascinating was that one in every six men said they would commit rape if they would be guaranteed to get away with it. This to me, is just utterly disturbing. To think that there are that men out there who would do this to women honestly scares me. I never imagined it to be one out of every six guys, which I found very alarming. Another fact, mentioned in the video, that alarmed me was that some colleges will actually try to cover up a rape/sexual assault case because they don’t want it to go on their university record. They will “sweep it under the rug” and hope that everyone involved forgets about it in order to keep up their good college reputation. And the cases that are handled on campus are usually kept confined within the campus sexual assault group and only rarely are the cases actually taken to

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