Sexual Assault In School Essay

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Sexual assault is a form of forced sexual violence. The term sexual assault can be defined as an act in which a person sexually violates a victim without the victims consent. This is one of the most common problems faced by many schools in South Africa, the problem of sexual assault amongst learners in South African school. Sexual assault is an unlawful act, which the perpetrator can be sentenced to jail for practicing it. Sexual assault can be in a form of fondling of unwanted sexual touching, forcing a victim to perform sexual acts such as oral sex or penetrating the victim’s body and torturing a person in a sexual manner. Sexual assault can either be verbal, physical or visual. Joan Van Niekers cited a recent report by the Human Sciences Research Council which revealed that 34% of learners experienced sexual harassment and other 14% were sexually harassed by teachers , therefore this clearly illustrates that sexual assault take place amongst learners in schools is somehow beyond control and happens in many occasions. In this essay, three causes of sexual assault…show more content…
Many children are exposed to various sexual violence’s and behaviours in their own homes which causes depression, anger issues and mental disorders, but to some it might seem to be the right thing to do and they start to practice what they are exposed to at home at schools to other learners. Learners tend to assault other learners whenever the thoughts of what they experience at home may arise, in this manner they bring what they have seen or heard at home in the school environment. For example a boy who grew up in a home where he was exposed to his father abusing the mother regularly in his presence the child can put what they experienced at home in practice at school. Many South African schools experience this kind of behaviours not knowing were learners got the idea how and why they are behaving in that

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