Susan Dominus's Essay 'Getting To No'

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Just because she wasn't herself that night doesn’t give you the right to take advantage of her. In the article, "Getting to 'No' " by Susan Dominus talks about sexual assault and how it affects everyone. Although Dominus talks about her experience and others as well, but she lacks facts to back her up. Young women that are in college are sexual assaulted on campus. Susan Dominus is one of the victims, but she doesn't consider herself one. Other women that are like Susan step up and she's amazed by their courage to do so, she never talked about her encounter not even to her husband. They come up with new code words for women to use, but most no language that you use may not completely protect them. Being sexually assaulted will never leave…show more content…
Overall, it is a well written essay, she uses a lot of strong words and emotion to show how it affected her. She shared her own experience which made her very credible and likeable because she wasn't making any of this up. Even though she could have used a lot of facts on how many women are affected, what age group reports the most, where you most likely to be assaulted and more. There are many sources out there for her to use. The essay was easy to follow nothing was confusing, but there were some repeated words and other experiences. Lacking the important facts and statistic can give the author a rocky boat, but what is keeping it up is that she has personal experience. To conclude, Dominus handled a lot and sharing her story with the readers is very bold. She has acquaintances who discussed their stories as she did in the essay. She had some facts that really didn't support her because there were no numbers. But her strong words and essay flow made it clearer that she knew what she was writing about. This is something that everyone should take seriously and not accuse women of

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