Sexual Assault In The Military Essay

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The Military is the armed forces of the country that protects its citizens and uses deadly weapons if necessary to ensure its safety. But what does it say when the people that protects it’s citizens strikes it’s own people, it’s victims left undefended and its perpetrator helped. Why is sexual assault in the military so prevalent and why is no one stopping it? On her paper “50 Facts About Sexual Assault in the US Military Chemaly (2013) stated many sexual assault that occurs in the military goes unreported with the Pentagon estimating 85% of sexual assault crimes goes unreported. The reason for this is that when a sexual assault crimes does get reported, often the times the perpetrator are not punished and are left to continue to roam free and the possibility to commit the same crime again. The sexual assault victims are not only women but also men. Women make up 15 percent of active duty in the United States, but they make up 47 percent of sexual assault victims, while 13,900 of the victims were men. While they may share many suffering, they also have the added difference of gender difference and experience different negative feedbacks. The victims suffer many drawbacks when…show more content…
Bullock and Beckon (2011) stated that male victims are thought to have given consent when they have an erection or ejaculate during an erection, and ignore the studies that states “male sexual physiology propose that involuntary erections or ejaculation are known to occur during times of duress in the absence of sexual please”. Men are looked at someone strong and the victims should have the power to overpower their perpetrators. While they are indeed strong, there are also other things that goes beyond strength when it comes to sexual assault not just for men but also for

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