Sexual Assault In The Workplace Essay

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With all the technology in the world that easily accessible, people are noticing that there is an increase in sexual assault, especially in the United States since it's so televised. As of recent, there's a spotlight on the film industry and many Actors and Movie Producers are being accused of sexual assault. It honestly feels like every week there is someone else in the film industry being accused of sexual assault. The real question everyone should be asking is, “Is sexual assault becoming a major problem if so, then what can be done about?” Sexual assault in the workplace is a major problem today for women because most times it puts someone into an uncomfortable situation and don’t know what to do. For an example, some actors are…show more content…
Since it is such a problem there has been major changes to college campuses such an emergency line if you are in trouble with a sexual assault or feel unsafe when someone is near you. It is very common women are the main victim of sexual assault and sexual harassment because young men are still young and don’t make right decisions. Most times these sexual come from parties because both men and woman are drunk and men take advantage of women. Among undergraduate students, 23.1 percent of females and 5.4 percent of males experience rape or sexual assault through physical force, violence, or incapacitation. Although, that might be the case there is not an excuse to justify these horrible acts. This is something parent should teach their children this isn’t a thing that should be accepted and should respect each other’s boundaries. There are some cases where men were victims of sexual assault but its similar to sexual assault or sexual harassment in the workplace they have too much pride to come forward to say they have been sexually assaulted. They are in fear that they’ll be made fun of and lose their manhood which isn’t true at all. In conclusion, there are differences between men and women when it comes to sexual assault/sexual harassment. Both genders are affected by these problems but it does seem for a female is it a lot worst then it is for men. Not to say
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