Sexual Assault On College Campuses Essay

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In society and college campuses, sexual assault occurs quite frequently. According to an estimation one third of women experience a forced sexual experience at least once in their life and most of the time it occurs in colleges. Men have also been reported to be victim of sexual assaults mostly by other men. Most of the time the sexual assault is planned and perpetrated by a third person, who is known to the victim of incident. Drug and alcohol use play role in this issue and contribute to the problem as most of the time the victim and perpetrators are under the effect of alcohol or any other drug during the incident. It looks scary how vulnerable the survivor can be at the time of assault. However, as long as the matter of violence is associated, the students at college campuses are safer than their non-college mates. Some training and education has been administrated to the students for awareness about the violence and sexual assaults. Even, with increased training and education, most of the college campuses have much longer way to go for decreasing the intensity and number of assaults and the incidents have immense negative impact on the society and people around us. Some awareness is given to the students with an objective to eliminate the incidents of sexual assaults from the college campuses. Wilhelm states, at present some awareness activities are going on in the colleges. Students are…show more content…
Awareness programs have been designed and funded by the federal government. Students are counseled for their frustration and all the problems are communicated. However, even these steps have not decreased the incidence to a great extent and the problem could be uprooted completely. According to studies, colleges have to work even harder for solving the issue before getting any significance result in comparison to the present
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