Sexual Assault Prevention

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Sexual Assault Prevention
A problem that I believe is extremely occurrent in our community, and many others, and that needs to be discussed is sexual assault on college campuses. Sexual assault is any sexual contact done by force or without consent, whether that is a touch, a kiss, or a sexual activity. This is an extremely prevalent problem in our society. The topic of sexual assault has been brought up a lot lately, especially after the case of Brock Turner, a university student, who attended a fraternity party and assaulted an unconscious woman. More people are becoming aware of this problem and realizing that something has to be done about it to either stop it all together or decrease the likelihood of this happening to more men and women.
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Before any students are allowed to start their classes or be allowed in any sorority/fraternity, they need to take courses on sexual assault prevention, what sexual assault is, how to stop an act if you spot it, and the disciplinary actions that will be taken against someone who has committed these crimes. Bystander intervention programs should also be put in place on campuses. The bystander intervention program can be used as a sexual assault prevention method. This program makes more students feel responsible for taking some form of action when they notice a potentially dangerous scenario. It also makes students feel empowered in the sense that everyone is an ally who is helping and looking out for one…show more content…
The thought of that is extremely scary to many people. Encouraging victims to come forward about their assault, knowing that they will be believed and supported is a very important factor on reducing assaults on college campuses. Getting the colleges more hands-on with fraternities is crucial with the reduction of rape considering that sexual assault happens a lot in that area of campus life. Implementing repercussions for actions of fraternity members that know about assaults taking place is also important. Once they see that their life could be affected by their behavior or the behavior of others they will most likely come forward. Also having resources available for students and having them take required courses before they can start their classes or join any fraternities, as well as talking to them about consequences is vital. Sexual assault and rape might not ever fully disappear, but with regulations implemented, resources available, and empowered and knowledgeable students I believe that this problem will definitely be

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