Causes Of Sexual Assaults In School

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Sexual assaults refer to all incidents of unwanted sexual activity, including sexual attack and sexual touching. It has been found that there are numerous Inquiries into institutional child abuse as a results of unwanted sexual behavior and lack of confidence. In schools, sexual involvement of staff person with any student, regardless of age , is likely to be prohibited by school policy, teacher registration rules and sometimes also by law. South African research have been conducted that shows school violence is escalating despite the measures put in place to address the problem by the Department of Education and schools themselves (Fishbaugh, Berkeley and Schroth, 2003, Human rights commission, 2006). In their study it was pointed out that “both teachers and students appear justified in fearing for their own safety with consequences that the learning process is…show more content…
During the study of school violence in South African schools, Burton (2008) found that about 1.8 million of all pupils between grade 3 and grade 12 (15.3%) had experience violence in one form or another. Burton (2008) found that 12.8% of the learners had been threatened with violence, 5, 8% had been assaulted, and 2, 3% had experience some form of sexual violence at school. In this essay causes of sexual assaults namely; peer pressure, drugs and alcohol, Background screening and solutions namely: community involvement and safety policies will be discussed thoroughly. First and foremost, peer pressure leads to sexual assaults in schools. Peer pressure occurs when individual choose to adopt the attitudes or behaviors of others because of real or imagined pressure. However, facing peer pressure,

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