Sexual Assaults On College Campuses

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Sexual assaults are often committed by someone a person knows. Instead of simply removing this person from all of the classes the victim and the offender have in common or trying to rearrange schedules so that they will not run into each other, more extreme measures need to be taken. Offenders need to know that there are serious consequences. Campuses must try to ensure that the offender goes to jail or is removed from the campus permanently so that victims do not have the constant worry of running into their offenders on campus. Besides just removing offenders, campuses need to be more open to students and raise awareness about the incidents that are occurring. More workshops and seminars need to be made available to provide students and even…show more content…
Campuses can also utilize programs such as the Haven Training that is designed to raise awareness. With the use of technology, engaging media, and statistics, it allows the student to get a more complete explanation of the problem that is rampant across college campuses. For example, the first statistic in the video points out is that 1 in 5 women report experiencing an attempted or completed rape during their college experience (Haven, 2015). To many viewers, this number will be shocking. In our class of around twenty students, four women have been violated. Another segment of the Haven workshop titled “join the conversation” discusses ways a person can use words to help others. One needs to make sure a friend or oneself gives clear verbal cues of “yes” or “no” as ambiguous answers like “I don’t know” are not explicit enough (Haven, 2015).A segment of the program titled “explore your options” focuses on ways people can make a difference. For example, one can speak up in difficult situations or be aware of cultural factors that can lead to and/or support violence (Haven, 2015). Overall, this program provides a detailed discussion of issues such as sexual assault, inappropriate behavior in relationships, and other key issues that are rampant across college…show more content…
This campaign focuses on certain goals that seem very plausible but yet are not being implemented by society. First, one goal is to “recognize that non-consensual sex is sexual assault” (It 's On Us, 2015). While this seems like an obvious concept, many fail to recognize this fact or ignore it. Another goal is to “create an environment in which sexual assault is unacceptable and survivors are supported” (It 's On Us, 2015). It is a common misconception that females provoke their victimization by “asking for it.” Whether one is wearing revealing clothing or is intoxicated, this is never a reason to think that sexual assault is acceptable. This campaign challenges stereotypes that people believe are true. Fresno State is participating in its own It’s On Us Campaign by creating a video. A particularly powerful portion of the video states, “Bulldogs say something. Bulldogs do something. Be brave. Be bold. Be courageous. It’s on you.” These phrases together are a direct challenge for students to stand up for their peers and get involved. If we lived in a society where one person was willing to stand up for another person, the world would be a much better

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