Intimate Partner Violence: A Literature Review

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"The evolution of intimate partner violence" (2011) by David M. Buss, and Joshua D. Duntley explores the concept that sexual conflict in human relationships is an evolutionary trait and that there are many tactics involved, some of which include monetary reward, pleasure, and deception, which are intended to change behaviour for the partner who is trying to mate's benefit. Some of which, end up being of the violent nature. They explore these tactics and adaptive problems, along with how psychology and evolution are connected in these ways, and how animal instincts may play a role. This is important to grasp in order to understand the context, costs, and underlying aggressors associated with intimate partner violence, and how it effects the…show more content…
However, I do not believe that the paper reflects the title, as the paper discusses evolutionary biology and intimate partner violence, as apposed to how intimate partner violence developed over time through evolution. Furthermore, the research focuses on male perpetrators, and how males generally use cost-inflicting tactics to further a sexual relationship, rather than how people in general may use violence or threats of violence to maintain or further the relationship. This could be related to the lack of research in evolutionary biology and sciences in regards to women perpetrators in intimate partner violence though. They also discuss at the end how both men and women use a variety of tactics to maintain the resources that they have access to, or how the obtain them in the first place, however, the conflict that leads to most tactics are barely discussed. This information on cost-inflicting tactics and evolution are also unreliable as they are not tested and most of the research that Buss and Duntley (2011) used is all considered a predictor, or a partial cause of violence, with very little studies conducted showing that some of these adaptive problems can actually lead to intimate partner violence beyond a reasonable doubt. Finally, the information provided in this paper makes a valid point about how evolutionary biology does provide a good foundation and pairs well with psychological theories of intimate partner violence, regardless of the fact that a majority of the information discussed is
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