Sexual Discretion In The Film Rosemary's Baby

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The film Rosemary’s Baby was a film produced in the late 60’s. This film is considered to be one of the scariest movies of all time and famously known because of the realism within the story. It challenges the mind causing it’s viewers to believe this sort of incident could happen in real life. Although the film is an obvious exaggeration, it triggers an alarm to sound within us and signals as a warning to the severity of the situation. The movie challenges our perception within the ideas of sexual discretion and deceit from those we trust the most. In the beginning of the film, a young couple moves into a new apartment, only to be surrounded by abnormal neighbors and occurrences. Guy and Rosemary are the main characters and have been speaking of children but are waiting on the appropriate time in Guy’s acting career. Soon after settling into the apartment Guy makes a deal with the devil! In return for a…show more content…
The things that you think you know about the ones around you could be completely opposite. Take Guy for example, after pledging his life to his wife and promising to be honest he still betrayed her. The whole pregnancy he lied to his wife and led her to believe he was solely happy about finally having a child with her. When in actuation, he was only doing this for his own selfishness, fortune, and fame in his career. Throughout the movie Rosemary’s Baby we learn that honesty is not a well-kept promise between Guy and Rosemary. We learn that although movies, such as this one, have a different theme and may ultimately mean what is portrayed, it is also easy to relate scenarios within movies to our everyday lives. Movies such as Rosemary’s Baby warn the population of the monsters that are came in contact with on a daily basis. The movie challenges perceptions on every day lives and force us to rethink even the smallest of
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