Argumentative Essay: The Issue Of Sex Discrimination In Schools

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When I was in middle school, I’d see many girls complaining about how boys were disturbing them. They would touch them without permission, or they would spread rumors about them and give them obscene looks. I remember that none of the teachers cared at all. They’d just say “C’mon girls, it is not a big deal. That’s how boys joke now”. Now that I am in highschool I realize that the teachers were wrong. There was no reason for boys or people in general to act like that. And we have no reason to accept this kind of behaviors. We are not made to be treated like that. Before I conducted my research, I knew that sexual harassment was very common and that many people were harassed every day. Nevertheless, schools and other authorities don’t make a big deal about it. This topic has always been very interesting for me because I always found the school’s reaction very unfair, and as I know, most of the my friends, family and…show more content…
According to Tara Parker-Pope, “The problem of sexual harassment from peers — which can include name-calling and unwanted touching in hallways and classrooms — is often largely dismissed as normal student behavior by school officials”. There is a law at schools called Title XI, which is a federal law that prohibits sex discrimination in schools or any educational places. Every school district must enforce this law and all the schools need to have an employee that makes sure that this law is being followed. I found that there were two types of sexual harassment at school: Quid pro quo harassment and hostile-environment harassment. Quid pro quo harassment happens when an employee at school gives an invitation to a student to get a benefit like a better grade if they perform a sexual act with them. Hostile-environment harassment occurs when an employee, student or a third party make sexual comments, advances, persistent interaction or unwanted physical

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