Sexual Harassment In Society

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Sexual harassment is an issue in our society, as it is a form of degradation to human rights. Women are more likely to be victims of harassment by men, due to men’s unwanted sexual behaviors. Women are targeted because their views and opinions are seen as weak, unpowered, and unvalued. This is in contrast to men’s view or opinions which are seen as being strong and powerful in the world. Sexual harassment has been an ongoing problem for women from different cultural backgrounds and different beliefs. In addition, women start to lack confidence due to the social influences in the media which men target women online for posting photos. Also, women are concerned about their safety and the labels they have been given in society, which leave scars on them physically and emotionally When it comes to men, they are viewed as being powerful, strong, and opinionated, which gives them the freedom to take advantage of sexually harassing women. This paper will further discuss how women are bring sexual harassment through sexual violence of law, social media influences, and its effect on endangering women in society. In our society, the government has created laws to protect women’s rights from being violated in any form which causes harm to an individual. Although a law has been created to protect women rights, it is still common rights that is being violated. Women sexual violence is a common issue which involves sexually harassment, physical abuse and rape. The impact of this issue

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