Sexual Harassment In The Silence Breakers By Edward Felsenthal

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The movement me “#MeToo, started in October of 2017, for women in the workforce to know they were not alone in their situation of sexual harassment. Then earlier this year, actresses dressed in black to stand against sexual assault at the Golden Globes awards. Celebrities, and even those who are not famous, have more recently come out with movements to help give people the confidence to come out about their experiences. In the article, “The Silence Breakers” by Edward Felsenthal, editor in chief, many victims of sexual harassment came out and told their stories. Victims of harassment need to be able to feel a sense of security and not feel controlled by the harasser, so that they are able to speak out against their offender to make sure they get the punishment they deserve. Harassment can be commonly reported in a workplace, whether it be by one of their coworkers, someone of higher power or even paying customers, making the person feel unsafe in their place of work. The employees stay quiet because they do not know how it will affect them or the offender or if it will even change anything at all. The low-income and the LGBTQ workers all have their concerns, “If the raised their voices, would they be fired? Would their communities turn against them? Would they be killed?” that kept them quiet. (Felsenthal). Also, “it does not need to occur in the office.” (Safronova). Going out with someone from the job and they try pull something, it can be reported to a supervisor, so

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