The Silence Breakers By Edward Felsenthal Analysis

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The movement me “#MeToo, started in October of 2017, for women in the workforce to know they were not alone in their situation of sexual harassment. Then earlier this year, actresses dressed in black to stand against sexual assault at the Golden Globes awards. Celebrities, and even those who are not famous, have more recently come out with movements to help give people the confidence to come out about their experiences. In the article, “The Silence Breakers” by Edward Felsenthal, editor in chief, many victims of sexual harassment came out and told their stories. Victims of harassment need to be able to feel a sense of security and not feel controlled by the harasser, so that they are able to speak out against their offender to make sure they…show more content…
Actresses, like Selma Blair was threatened by James Toback that if she spoke up about what he did to her, he would “stab her eyes out with a Bic pen and throw her in the Hudson River.” (Felsenthal). Men believe that they have more power over women and that they can get away with it. Besides physical strength, they use their words to make the person feel vulnerable. Not only adults face harassment, children also often experience it. If a child or young teenager is being harassed by a parent or any other adult figure, they feel inferior to the older adult, which keeps them quiet. Children are most easily manipulated, and adults use that to their advantage and prey on children. Minor’s that experience this can have short-term effects as well as long-term effects, such as bad behavior, anger towards adult figures or even extreme anxiety. People and children alike need to fight past the fear and speak up against their abuser, tell anyone and try to seek help and gain the justice they…show more content…
Men expect women to always be comfortable with compliments, not understanding that if they hold a higher position over them or do not personally know the woman, it makes them seem creepy. Also, sometimes the words or the way it is said can be taken the wrong way. A simple, “You look nice today.” could be taken the wrong way, if it was said by a higher authority or someone of more power. People can also take a simple brush of the hand as someone initiation. Also, if a woman initiates the sexual actions but pulls away, men can claim that she “teased” him and then did not commit and then if they do not back off, the woman claim it as harassment. Women can sometimes take small things out of proportion but that is no excuse for not taking no for an

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