Sexual Harassment Proposal

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Aims and objectives
The research proposal seeks to explore the actual situation of sexual harassment of men at workplace. There are myths relating that sexual harassment occurs mostly to female employees because of their inferior gender. (Kim and Kleiner, 1999). But in last few decades due to competitive corporate environment and granting of more rights to women to ensure women empowerment there has been steep rise in the number of male sexual harassment case. It is also true that sexual harassment is not necessarily limited to sexual desire and physical attractiveness because sexual harassment is used to bully and intimidate the victims. Hence, we can see that no one is safe from this issue. Consequently, the aim of the research is to make people, whether young or old, experienced or inexperienced, male or female to have a better understanding of this issue so that they will be able to combat it effectively if ever they are found in a difficult situation.
We are also aiming to show the reasons, how and why male sexual harassment occurs. We are also investigating in the possible consequences and solutions available to combat this issue. It is true that male sexual harassment will not halt by simply ignoring it. On the contrary, this ignorance will encourage harassers to continue and even excel in their wrongdoing. We will even try to highlight the fact that when male sexual harassment occurs, it is the duty of the employer to protect and support the victims. Studies and

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