Sexual Harassment In The Workplace Essay

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The meaning of harassment is - “conduct as unwanted or unwelcome, and which has the purpose or effect of being intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive.” (Quick & McFadyen, 2017, pg. 286) Harassment can show itself in many different instances. It can be a verbal or physical offensive action against race, sex, age nationality or disability. When applying the utilitarian view, harassment would not be acceptable. Harassment in the workplace not only causes a person to be uncomfortable, but it also creates distrust within a working group. Harassment in the workplace should be unacceptable at all costs and those who violate the expectations should be let go or otherwise reprimanded. Employers should always promote a safe and nonhostile environment for all employees whenever possible.

Anyone who has had exposure to an abundance of sexual misconduct at work may be expected to become accustomed to the existence of sexual proposal at work and to use the label
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It creates a very hostile environment for all employees who have been subjected to it. Throughout this essay, I explained harassment in two different ways, the first being possible harassment through workplace attire in a sexually charged environment and then wrongfully accused harassment. Neither of which is for the ‘greater good” according to the utilitarian theory, one who harasses another in any instance is for their benefit not for the immediate group. Harassment at any time should not be an acceptable practice, and one should report it when it happens. There are many seminars, onsite and online training opportunities one can take advantage of to learn about the types of harassment and the rules of in office relationships. The workplace should be a place where one can work without being exposed to a hostile environment. The best practice is to do unto others, as they do unto

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