Annotated Bibliography: Changes In Sexual Identity

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Ante Kurtović Annotated Bibliography UWRT.150.83 October 17, 2014 References Cooper, A. (n.d.) Changing gay male identities. New York City, NY: Routledge Taylor and Francis Group. This book presented the changes in sexual identity. It showed the relationship of these sexual identity changes with traditional society and modern culture. In today’s world, where technology grows with a fast pace, humans are ready to do everything what will satisfy their mental needs and physical ideals. This book talked about the role of religion in today’s world, conflicts in society, emotions and social movements and sociology and grace. This book is very useful in context of understanding and accepting changes in sexual identity, what is very often in Western Europe and North America. Also, Cooper explained how these changes are rarely accepted in Eastern Europe and Asia.…show more content…
(2005). Long arc of justice: lesbian and gay marriage, equality, and rights. New York City, NY: University of Columbia Press. Richard Mohr examined the values and logic of gay marriages. He described the effects of gay propaganda on community and legal acceptance. Also, the main topics included ethical norms to various issues, such as military, sexual diseases and same-sex marriage. Mohr talked about giving solutions to inequality, which is related to religious, political and social issues. Also, this book made a research about prejudice and all other forces that affect the social status of gay people. Mohr analyzed the countries that have a negative and strong opinion about gay marriages. His definition of marriage is fulfilling basic social needs no matter what is the sex of your partner. Mohr concluded that his idea of marriage is the best solution for world
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