Essay On Gender Identity And Gender

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Transgender refers to those who 've exempted themselves from their in-born sexuality assigned at birth and thereby transitioned across these culturally and socially constructed binary concepts such as gender and sexuality and who 've in fact, created a 'cultural-turn ' in the society along the course of seeking to determine an "identity" for themselves reaching far beyond these constructs and redefining them as separate dimensions. Although sex is known to follow gender and thus define an individual 's gender identity conventionally, as binarically as possible, transgenderism is a revolutionary term that argues the fact that gender should not necessarily correspond to sexuality whereas an individual 's gender identity is a depiction of one…show more content…
Therefore in this respect, the film fails to signify that gender can exist strong enough without sex determining it. Particularly in a world where transgender movement is becoming more commonly observed, the general cogitation of sex as biological and of gender as social are proven to be false, in fact, both these concepts are socially constructed and therefore relative to place and time. This is evidenced in the film where the level of acceptance of her sexuality changes from one setting to the other and in fact this transition of gender despite sex is being accepted in a Parisian setting contrasted to that being restricted by sex in an European culture. Therefore sex is a changing and a fluid multi-dimensional construct where social and cultural experience direct sexual identity. Hence it is absolute for sexual identity to be constructed over the life course and not determined at
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