Sexual Identity In The Film Boys Don T Cry

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Sexual identity is an interesting topic that society takes a critical look at it of late. Sexual identity deals with gender roles, sexual attractions to men and women in the same sex or opposite sex, great like of one sex that alternates with the other and how gender roles defined by society'. As in the film “Boys Don’t Cry,” Brandon has a female biological sex, but her gender identity is different. She is born a female with male features. Though Brandon is born a woman, she lacks the hormones for the growth of female features. So the society sees Brandon as a man, and that is a physical threat to her. That she chooses her preference to be a male. Teena Brandon's sexual identity is not a transsexual, and a lesbian, but she used a cross-dresser, bandage to cover her breast, and artificial penis for her male sexuality.
Usually, Brandon was confused about her personality and how to carry herself around in public. This kind of confusion, she went through is called gender dysphoria. For example, she wears men's clothes, drinks like men, drives car like men and identify herself among men more than female. As matured people with gender dysphoria feel surrounded inside a fresh that not respond their
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That makes people who find themselves in such situation act as the opposite sex on the other. Because society sees them as the opposite sex, and do not accept them as they are biologically society expects them to play the role of the opposite sex. That is the situation in which Brandon finds herself. Brandon falls in society and chooses her preference for a male instead of a female. Society sees Brandon as a man and falls in love with her as a male. He dresses as a man and act like a man. Brandon leads to homosexuality by society. She falls in love with the
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