Sexual Language In Goblin Market By Christina Rossetti

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In this essay, I will be talking about Christina Rossetti 's poem Goblin Market. Goblin market is Rossetti 's best known poem that contains many themes like the idea of the forbidden fruit, sisterhood, gothic, prostitution, gender roles and sexuality. Goblin Market was originally known as a moral fairytale for children. But researchers disregarded it as a children 's fairytale because of its misleading form and they focused on its real core, which was recognized throughout the poem by the persistent "merchant men" calls and actions towards Laura and Lizzie. Although Goblin Market internal audience is indeed "the little ones" to whom Laura tells her story, it is important to remember that the poem 's first known public audience was not children but adults. The aim of this essay is to shed light on the sexual language in the poem which brings a new perspective to the poem which was the interest in the Victorian woman market and the sexual politics of the mid-nineteenth century. Goblin Market is a story about two sisters called Laura and Lizzie. From their house, they always hear the sounds of the goblin men calling people to "Come Buy" their fruits. At first, they try to ignore the tempting calls of the goblin men, but eventually they gave in to the temptations of the goblin calls. Laura then starts to be more curious about their fruit and Lizzie warns her not to give in to the goblins. Lizzie tells her sister to stay away or she will end up dead like the
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