Sexual Morality In The Victorian Era And 1960s

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When I did the quick research of sexual morality moralities of the two eras, the Victorian Era and 1960s, it is significant that these two eras hugely have dissimilarities, and the young generation in 1960s became more opened-minded, and then, people had more and more sexual freedom. This is due to the fact that, in the Victorian Era, most people significantly could not access homosexual sexuality, masturbation and premarital sex, yet the majority of people in 1960s initiated to have sexual liberation - homosexuality was legalized, and masturbation became no longer moral issues. One of the reasons why the sexual morality in 1960s was transformed, for the people became more opinionated creatures unlike Victorian era - Victorian grandpas and grandmas were ignorant. For example, it was more common that there was no sexual liberation (prostitution and premarital sex) in the Victorian era because the people had the sexual oppression views on women, and kept the double - standard which means the ancestors came from lower socioeconomic class did not have the chance to be the higher socioeconomic class. However in the 1960s, each person views on sexuality involved into the openness, and prostitution was legalized in France, England, and other Western countries. Furthermore, according to the statics in 1965-72 in the book, “Enquiring History: British Society Since 1945, ‘, “60 percent of people had encountered sexual intercourse before they married”. In other words, having sexual

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