Sexual Objectification In North America

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The Oxford dictionary defines sexual objectification as the act of treating an individual as an instrument for sexual pleasure, and objectification refers to act of treating a person as an object rather than an actual human being, with no regard to their self-esteem. (Oxford English Dictionary) Since the beginning of time, women have been objectified for their bodies and are under constant pressure to achieve “the perfect image” mainly to get the approval from men. However, attaining the perfect image is nearly impossible for most women in North America. This idea of perfection is mainly driven by the beauty industry and the media companies, who are both controlled predominantly by men. These days, women all over North America are constantly…show more content…
Pygmalion, sickened by the free and dishonorable existences of the ladies of his period, chooses to live alone and unmarried. With wondrous craftsmanship, he makes a wonderful statue more flawless than any living lady. The more he looks at her, all the more profoundly he goes gaga for her, which is until he wishes that she were more than a statue. This statue is Galatea. Lovesick, Pygmalion goes to the sanctuary of the goddess Venus and implores that she give him a sweetheart like his statue; Venus is touched by his adoration and breathes life into Galatea. When Pygmalion comes back from Venus 's sanctuary and kisses her statue, he is charmed to find that she is warm and delicate to the touch. Once the statue comes to life, Pygmalion is finally able to find happiness and marry the woman of his dreams. (Dryden, 1913)While reading the story, it’s hard not to notice that the only way Pygmalion was able to find the woman of his dreams was to create her. The myth of Pygmalion, told by Ovid in his Metamorphoses, contains one of the most dominant male fantasies, the creation of “the ideal woman” designed to meet the creator 's need. Galatea is a representation of physical beauty and perfection; she conforms to the role that is laid out for her and to the norms of feminine beauty. We can see through her eyes how unrealistic it would be for women like her to exist in today’s society. Besides, the impossible…show more content…
The painting also points out the relationship between the creator and the creation, and how men craft this unrealistic image of the “perfect” women and expect women to live up to their standards. Another observation one can make about Pygmalion is the type of behavior that appeals to him, what attracts him to the Galatea beyond her looks is her obedience. Pygmalion was not pleased with the women of his city because they had a mind of their own; they were free, made decisions on their own and to him that made them undesirable. Whereas Galatea was created for the purpose of pleasure, the desire of her
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