Essay On Sexual Objectification

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Only be seen as a sexual object of the female body has been discussed for decades. However, this situation remains as a problem area in the entire world, despite scientific and technological developments. Sexual objectification of women is a problem area that psychology should address as well as work fields and disciplines such as art, politics, and sociology. The concept of "objectified body consciousness" that includes beliefs of self-monitoring, body shame and should be appearance under constant control was defined by McKinley and Hyde (1996). After their definition, Fredrickson and Roberts introduced objectification theory in 1997. Then, more specifically the objectification has begun to attract the attention of researchers. With these developments, the objectification has quickly gained momentum as a research topic in psychology since the nineties. Today many researchers…show more content…
However, there is no measurement tool to obtain data on sexual objectification in women in our country. For this reason, the aim of this research is to acquire a measurement instrument that can measure the level of sexual objectification in women to our country. In accordance with this purpose, the adaptation of the Interpersonal Sexual Objectification Scale (Kozee et al., 2007) to Turkish, the validity and reliability will provide a new scale for measuring the level of sexual objectification in women in our country. With the adaptation of ISOS to Turkish, it will be possible to determine with a scale the level of sexual objectification to researchers who want to deal with sexual objectification in women in our country. Thus, new researches will be possible to handle women’s mental health in new dimensions and, new contributions will be made to the field of
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