Sexual Objectification Analysis

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The definition of Sexual Objectification is given as “A person is sexually objectified when her sexual parts or sexual functions are separated out from the rest of her personality and reduced to the status of mere instruments or else regarded as if they were capable of representing her.” (Bartky 1990). As explained by Tracy Moore, in her book The Sexual Objectification Scale: Continued Development and Psychometric. Objectification takes women 's sexuality away from her and makes it the viewer’s property. Moore also concludes that “it is predominantly women who are reduced from subject to object.” Le Moncheck’s definition is argued to be the “most comprehensive characterisation of sexual objectification” where Le Moncheck elaborates on the…show more content…
So when is an campaign truly empowering opposed to merely provocative? This is a complex concept that is dealt with in the Post-feminist movement. This movement or culture “works in part to incorporate, assume, or naturalise aspects of feminism; crucially, it also works to commodify feminism via the figure of women as empowered consumer. Thus, Post-feminist culture emphasizes educational and professional opportunities for women and girls; freedom of choice with respect to work, domesticity, and parenting; and physical and particularly sexual empowerment.” (: 13). The movement supports “the identification of women’s sexual subjectivity as a crucial site of empowerment” (: 5). Consequently it is important to be aware of the very fine line between objectification and empowerment.

The difference between objectification and empowerment can be difficult to pinpoint and ultimately comes down to the situation in with the representation, or Ad, for this matter takes place. “The danger of objectification and fragmentation depend on context” (Jhally: ). Accordingly we need to take a look at the context that goes with an Ad campaign before it can be labelled as either objectifying or
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