Sexual Offender Laws

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American sexual offender laws are one of the most polarized debates in the media, off late. Many opponents claim that the United States have the strictest sex offender laws in the whole world, which does no good to the community at large because the staggering number of sex offender registries screen the deadliest offenders. They argue that these American sex laws need a drastic reform, as these violate the human rights of the offenders. They further claim that these laws are implacable and not reasonable, simply because most of them are so called low rated offenders. Unfortunately, such critics of sex laws are willing to overlook the trauma of the victims or survivors, not to speak about the horrendous killing of those like innocent Megan,…show more content…
It becomes immensely essential in such a situation, for the parents to be informed whether the persons whom they consider friends have had such a past or not. For instance, Rick Schneider highlights the incident of one mother, where she thought one of her family friends being acquitted of the sex crime and wrongly listed in the offenders’ registry, and how upon enquiry she found that the person was really a predator and feigning to be innocent! “She said this guy played with her children and was a close friend of the family … It was only a matter of time before he’d have molested her children,” Schneider recalls (1-2). This is among many such incidents that bring to notice how knowing about the past records of such offenders can help save many innocent…show more content…
These laws require that “the community notify schools, day cares, community groups, surrounding homes, and prospective employers of high-risk offenders” (Schneider 1) These laws enable the parent to know about the whereabouts of high-risk registrant sex offenders, once they are out after serving in prison or probation. Considering the fact, as Schneider notes, that these sex offenders usually have enticing personalities to lure children to secluded places and a tendency to repeat abuse, it becomes critical for child safety that their parents be aware of the presence of any such offenders in the vicinity, if any, so that they may protect their unsuspecting children from any untoward incidents. The critics dispute that this public information of the once sex offenders makes them vulnerable of public wrath and disgusting treatment. However, it is explicitly stated in these laws that such information is only for preventive measures, “The law is not intended to punish the registrant and specifically prohibits using the information to harass or commit any crime against a registrant” (Pen. Code § 290.46.), and meant for any ill-treatment of the out offenders. Thus, it is not the flaw in these laws, but the flaw in their uses. Individual discretion cannot be held responsible for ineffectiveness of these
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