Sexual Offender Recidivism

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Eradicating Sexual offender Recidivism In today’s world we are constantly being bombarded by stories of horrific sexual crimes that are taking place. Everywhere that we turn there is another story on the news or in social media about someone being sexually molested, raped, or sodomized. The most horrific of these stories are those that include children. Each and every one of us know of someone or have heard of someone who has been sexually abused in some way during their childhood. Such a heinous crime deserves an equally deserving punishment. Over the years our government has been working to find a way to stop these crimes from repeating themselves. The most effective way other than surgical castration has shown to be through chemical castration.…show more content…
SSRIs work by blocking the reuptake of serotonin in to the brain causing an increase in the serotonin that is being transmitted to the brain cells. The extra serotonin hinders sexual arousal and reduces the capacity of an orgasm. The blocking of the reuptake of serotonin is seen to have a possible effect on sex offender in four different ways: non-specific inhibition of sexual interest; reduction of impulsiveness; decrease of obsessive-compulsive symptoms; and treatment of concurrent depressive symptoms. (Garcia, Delavenne, Assumpcao, Thibaut, 2013) This treatment is a lower level treatment best used with patients who deal with pedophilic thoughts but who do not act on them. The SSRIs that are used most are fluoxetine and sertraline and often are used in small doses averaging around 40 mg a day (p.…show more content…
Testosterone is the biggest influence in sexual behavior, by being able to control and reduce the levels of testosterone it also helps to reduce impulsive aggression. Having a significant reduction in androgen effects is thought to be the cornerstone of hormonal treatment for sex offenders. In an article written about pharmacologic treatments for sex offenders it states that this treatment is best used “For sex offenders presenting with paraphilias, characterized by intense and frequent deviant sexual desire and arousal, which highly predispose the patient to severe paraphilic behaviors (such as pedophilia or serial rapes).” (Garcia, Delavenne, Assumpcao, Thibaut,

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