Disgrace Summary

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The book named “Disgrace” has discussed the story of the David Lurie. The professor has divorced two times and he has a child. In each Thursday afternoon, the professor spends ninety minutes with the prostitute Soraya. After the quarrel with Soraya, the professor has turned into his students in order to fulfill his sexual desires. Every day the professor noticed his student in the garden and then he offered her at his home for dinner. The professor makes the sexual relationships with his student. They both stay most of the day with each other and the student of the professor has missed several classes. Everyone in the university knows about the sexual relationship between the professor and his student. The sexual harassment case is filed against…show more content…
The professor named David Lurie has divorced two times and the professor has the sexual relationships with a prostitute named Soraya. The reason for divorce is that the professor has a sexual relationship with the other women. The professor lived alone in his house and his daughter lived on the farm. The underlying story told us that if someone makes a false attitude with the others so that their family members will also affect. In the underlying story, the professor likes one of his student who was very beautiful and professor contact his student and invite her for dinner with the professor. After having the dinner, the professor makes a sex with his student and after that, he makes a sexual relationship with her several times. False relationship with the others always creates a problem in the life of the individuals. Due to the sexual relationship with the student, the professor not only lost his job but also he has faced insult. All the students respect the professor, but after this case, the students do not provide respect to the professor. The professor realised his mistake of a sexual relationship when three men raped the daughter of a professor. After that, he realised that this incident is the punishment of the bad relationship of the professor with his student. If a person has the wrong attitude with the others so that he will also face the results of this wrong attitude in this world (Stewart et.al, 2015
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