Sexual Restraint In America

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Sexual intercourse in every culture and religion are all different from same gender sex, age of Marriage, giving birth, or even becoming a sexual partner with one or more people.Living in America, We are a melting pot and have lots of open people when it comes to same sex marriage being legal in every state in America. ( After doing more research and reading many of the articles my mind started really thinking of what I value in my own sexual culture and religion. However, each person is different based on morals and what environment they were raised in. Having one or more sexual partner could make or break your future for yourself and partner. For example,…show more content…
Both are actually very hard to maintain for ourselves and partners. However, I believe sexual restraint contains much more belief and practice. Sex is very common now of days in America in any state.There is more credence and truth behind the sexual restraint theory based off of religion and culture ethics.In the book “Modesty and Sexual Restraint” Celia Rothenburg explains how sexual restraint is highly elaborate to daily life in the Islamic cultures in the Middle East and North Africa. America is a melting pot with all cultures and religion more and more people feel a certain way against sex and marriages. Also, it depends what generations and Age groups you are looking at comparing ethics. For example, My Father who is now 53 would not let me have a boyfriend or go on birth control until I was 16 years old. However, My dad had his first girlfriend at the age of 20. Rules, Morals, and respect is something I always Wanted to feel being who I am as a person which most people want to feel that way too. Sexual Compatibility is easier to be given in to as far as a sexual satisfaction, but denial id common in the world between ourselves and
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