Sexual Revolution Unwed Mothers

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Prior to the sexual revolution, unwed mothers were viewed as psychologically disordered because they were pregnant without a husband. The 1960’s sexual revolution changed these views when white unwed college women began having sex more often, turning it into a common act. When these rebellious college women became pregnant, they were viewed as independent sexualized individuals, not victims. The sexual revolution led to a shift in societal views, weakening the notion that unwed mothers were victims, leading society to begin seeing them as free agents able to experiment sexually without blame. Unwed mothers usually participated in sexual behaviors on campus. Most pressures that led to young women having sex came from peer’s, both boys and girls. It was seen that being a virgin was not cool, so the loss of…show more content…
I also do not have to worry about being judged or seen with a psychological disorder if I do end up having a child before becoming married or without a husband. All of these achievements have not only affected me personally but all women. Before the sexual revolution women were told what to do by their husband or fathers, because of the revolution women were able to gain freedom over their sexuality. Overall, without the sexual revolution unwed mothers and intercourse before marriage would still be seen as a social issue today. Now unwed mothers are more socially accepted and not blamed or victimized for their sexual choices. Equality in promoting safe sex has also had a positive impact on society by promoting safer sex for all regardless of gender and sexual preference. The sexual revolution has changed the view of gender and sexuality from a public’s view on morals and punishment to making it about the individual’s self choice and freedom without
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