Sexual Scripts And Gender Roles

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Sexual Scripts are blueprints and guidelines for how each gender should behave in sexual or romantic situations. Sexual scripts are based on a particular culture’s principles and norms. They are learned from by our family, peers, church, the media, etc. (Shaw & Lee, p.313-314). Similarly, gender roles are a perceived set of behavioral norms associated with males and females in a given culture. They allow individuals to refer to certain attitudes or behaviors that class a person’s stereotypical identity. Gender roles are often influenced through upbringing, culture, peers, etc (Shaw & Lee, p.). These concepts are seen as being socially enforced rules. The Disney’s 1999 film, “Tarzan” displays various examples of the characters engaging in sexual scripts and gender roles.…show more content…
Sabor, a leopard, killed his parents. Kala, an ape who lost her own son to Sabor, rescues him. Kala takes him in, accepts him as her own son, and names him Tarzan. Kala is the mate of Kerchak, the very large, fierce, and rather vicious leader of the tribe of apes, who does not accept Tarzan as one of them. Although Tarzan loves his ape family, he grows up being very aware of how different he is from them. When Jane, Professor Porter (Jane’s father), and Clayton arrive in Africa from England to study the apes, the missing link finally connects for
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