Sexual Harassment: Critical Analysis Process Questionnaire

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Critical Analysis Process Questionnaire

Describe your topic in one sentence?

Sexual harassment is described as unwelcome sexual advances, request or demand for sexual favors or any physical or verbal sexual conduct that is made to appear either implicitly or explicitly as the condition for one’s employment, favorable working environment or advantageous employment decision from a person of authority.

Why did you select this topic?

Sexual harassment has been a topic of discussion for a long time. However, before one or two years ago, the discussion was about how victims find it difficult to speak out about it for fear of shame, ridicule or no one believing them. Since late 2017, sexual harassment has become a major
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In fact, in some cases, accused sex offenders have been turned into victims by being wrongly convicted. I will support my argument by showing previous cases where the accused suffered physical, emotional or psychological torture due to allegations of sexual misconduct which after a trial, were proved innocent of. I will further show other cases where the accused was convicted and served time, but the discovery of further evidence acquitted them of the crime.

What may social and cultural influences have influenced your point-of-view on this topic?

With my education and values, I have a keen eye for challenges faced by any minority group. The accused side of the story is not very popular in media coverage or any debate on sexual harassment. There is a need therefore for someone to listen to their pleas.

Do you have a predisposition toward this topic already? (i.e. existing attitudes, beliefs, opinions?) If so, state that belief in one sentence.

Yes, I am pre-disposed towards this topic in that my belief of one should be innocent until proven guilty still seems like the best foundation of any society when it comes to legal
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Lacey Carroll’s claims in October 2007 of sexual assault by famous illusionist David Copperfield were thrown out and investigations dropped after the accuser was arrested for making false accusations against another businessman. This vindication on David Copperfield’s part had however taken two long years in which period he says his life was turned upside down. (Aiello, 2018)

What may people have influenced your opinion on this subject?

My opinion may have been influenced by the recent cases coming out of individuals who have served jail time for crimes they were innocent of. For instance, Jemma Beale, a 25-year-old who was jailed for false sexual assault and rape claims had a list of fifteen victims among them Mahad Cassim who had already served two years in jail. Another victim of Jemma had fled the country after his reputation was ruined following the accusations.

What experience do you have in connection with this

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