Summary: The Impacts Of Sexual Assault

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The impacts of sexual assault, harassment, and violence not only have short term affects, but long term affects as well, on the individual and relationships themselves. Generally, after sexual violence occurs the individual becomes runs the risk of “harmful and lasting consequences for victims, families, and communities (CDCS, 2017)”. These include physical and health issues, in addition to psychological and social behavior issues. For this paper we will explore how sexual assault, harassment and violence impacts relationships. Physical and health issues include pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, nausea, vomiting, irregular/heavy and painful periods, start or increase in substance abuse, suicide attempts or other self-mutilation attempts,…show more content…
When discussing PTSD in rape victims, they often experience flashbacks, nightmares, panic attacks, depression, self-blame, guilt, lower self-esteem, anger, emotional numbness, memory loss, confusion, humiliation, helplessness, and even shame. These are all feelings that can be bottled up or explode at any point making it rough on the relationship. With Rape Trauma Syndrome is closely related to PTSD however the difference is the symptoms include crying, difficulty concentrating, restlessness, unmotivated, afraid of isolation or crowds, stuttering, easily frightened or startled, always on alert, easily upset, fear or loss of interest in sex to name a few. For example, often in relationships one partner attempts to sexual arouse the other in the middle of the night waking them out of sleep to only have the opposite effect of the survivor freaking out. So, it is important for the couple to know and understand things that can trigger…show more content…
Some survivors find themselves in isolation, while others can’t stand to be alone. Survivors find themselves avoiding certain people and/or places that easily remind them of the event. Additionally, smells, foods, music, books, television shows, and even clothing can set someone off. This is where we tend to see survivors change jobs, change schools/churches, move from where they live, and even move out of state depending on the severity of the events.
As for the short term and long-term effects of sexual assault, harassment, and violence victims/survivors and the individuals in their lives must understand that when “advocates are present in the legal and medical proceedings following rape, victims fare better in both the short-and long-term, experiencing less psychological distress, physical health struggles, sexual risk-taking behaviors, self-blame, guilt, and depression (Rape Victim Advocates, 2015)”. Victims need to know and understand that they have support and options so they can raise above and become a

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