Sexual Violence In College Essay

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Since young, we were told by family and friends that sex is a sensitive topic to discuss. But why should it be? By avoiding this topic, we’re reducing the awareness of the general public about sex and its current main issue - sexual violence. According to the World Health Organization, sexual violence is defined as any attempt of sexual acts, unwanted sexual comments or advances directed to a person’s sexuality using coercion. This issue has been one of the most underreported issues around the world and could affect everyone regardless of gender, age, and status. The question is: is substance abuse the main cause of sexual violence on college campuses? Before that, we must first interpret the meaning of ‘substance abuse’ and based on adequate research, I would define substance abuse as the inappropriate…show more content…
As a result, the common and wide practice of substances such as drugs and alcohol in colleges prompt sexual acts and will contribute significantly to the outbreak of sexual violence in campuses. To conclude, substances such as drugs and alcohol is the main cause of sexual violence on college and university campuses because they catalyse and provide chances for illegal sexual acts. Although this statement disagreed by some, it is still a known fact that these substances hold a substantially massive role in leading to the frequent occurrence of sexual violence cases in campuses. What is clear now is that sexual violence is a rising and alarming issue that affects individuals from all social classes as well as age group. Therefore, awareness regarding sexual violence must be raised and the synergy and teamwork from all parties are necessary in order to curb this issue and prevent it from worsening before this sinful and shameful act is
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