Sexuality And Disability Case Study

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Brandt van Soolen RC 522 Homework on Sexuality and Disability Sexuality and Disability: A Review of Literature and a Hypothetical Case Study After reviewing, and critiquing, the research of Kazukauskas and Lam (2010) and Juergens, Smedema, and Berven (2009), I had mixed reactions. First, in the Kazukauskas and Lam (2010) research I agreed with the assertion that sexuality “is one of the most significant psychosocial factors in an individual’s life (Kazukauskas & Lam, 2010, p. 15). Moreover, I concurred that the nature of issues circumscribing sexuality necessitates the need for vocational rehabilitation counselors to be able to handle sexuality associated circumstances. Where I encountered frustration was with reading the statistics that…show more content…
This resulted in Ron having paraplegia. Ron has already received rehabilitation therapy and utilizes a wheelchair for ambulation. After the accident, and as a result of the 12-months Ron spent in rehabilitation, he was unable to keep his job as a roofer. As such, he applied for Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) benefits in an effort to get retrained for a new career in Human Services. Ron has a positive attitude and wants to work with other people, especially those impacted by spinal cord injuries, and share with them his story and his success in overcoming…show more content…
I attempt to assist Ron by providing resources to support groups, referring him to an education based skills trainer who works with people with spinal cord injuries on issues of sexuality, and I ask him to read a book I happen to have that is a personal journey story that explores the sexuality of a man after being injured playing football. On subsequent visits, I discuss with Ron his reaction to the book and follow-up with him about his training and support group activity. Ron is far more open to discussing the issues present in his sexuality and mentions to me that his is very excited about a date he is going on over the upcoming weekend. I affirm Ron’s progress and let him know that I appreciate the fact we can discuss these issues openly and
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